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(Adopt/Character) Selling: ✤ Adopts By ShapeDrifter ✤ Mythical Hares! SB: €35


Nebulous Shape

adopts sign.png

Hello! I just posted this set of three adoptables. If you're interested in bidding, please visit their individual pages.

Hare of The Fire || Hare of The Forest || Hare of The River


Payment by paypal within 48 hours of winning the auction
Do not alter my artwork or claim it as your own. However you can post it wherever you like with credit to me, and change the design in subsequent commissions
Don’t use my artwork commercially
No reselling for a higher price than what you originally paid
No hiding or deleting your bids. If you want to withdraw your bid, message me
The auction closes one week after the first bid. After this date, the bidding will end one day after the most recent bid

You get:
Full resolution (3638 x 2950px, 350dpi) jpg image file with background
Full resolution png image with transparent background

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