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(Commission) Selling: ✦ ICONS ONLY: $25-$50 ✦ Busy with Charities


4-tailed kitsune
There work is wonderful! Just showing how beautiful this is:
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always hungry


always hungry
Let's catch up! New Goodies for 2021!

I'm back~~~
"What took you so long?" You ask.
Well, lemme tell yall, life was shite.
But with a brand new year ahead, and time to adjust to this new shit life, I'm gonna look forward to every day with my head up high!

Here's what I'll be up to this 2021!

Charity Projects:
Acquainted with Quarantine | Partners in Health ORG | Healthcare | Shop Here
The Promised Neverland | Charity TBA | Work in Progress
Quirks and Quidditch | Mermaids ORG | LGBT Support | Work in Progress

◆ January: Partners in Crime | Coffee & You | NPCs (Work in Progress)
◆ February: 4 Love Languages (Work in Progress) | NPCs (Work in Progress)
◆ March-December: Good Lord I don't know yet, keep an eye out!

How dare I call my shop an Atelier and not design clothes?!
I plan to design more clothes, armor and costumes as adoptables with 1 free fullbody to winning bidders

IDK when to release this yet however

I'm currently changing my prices so my shop is still a mess!
Commissions I'm doing now are personally handpicked by me and have been given adjusted prices.

The only confident thing I can offer right now are icons

2020 was a shit year to send stuff overseas!
But it's 2021 now and it's time to make adorable baby otter merchandise!
(as well as other furry and fandom merchandise time willing)
I'll update when they are ready for pre-orders!

Currently, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss have their claws deep in my heart.
I hope I'll be able to make fanart soon!


How is your Grandpa?
He's...alive. The surgery was a success but he doesn't put the effort to fully recover. Everyday is stressful at home because of resentments between him and my grandma, and everything else they don't agree with in life hahaha~

We are still very grateful for everyone's help, of course! Even if the outcome is less than great, I still thank everyone who donated for his surgery!


....and yeah! That's about it for now
There are a lot of things I want to do, and I hope everything I listed above will come into fruition!

I wish everyone a wonderful 2021!
Keep each other safe, and do the next right thing ♥


always hungry

I try to keep it first come first serve. Time allowing, I work between clients simultaneously.
Speed of Delivery depends on what clients commissioned.

icons : 2/2
other jobs I took: 2 YCHs, 1 painting, 2 refsheet, 1 b/w portrait, 1 phone wallpaper


If I offered my services before today, you have a slot should you hire me.​


always hungry
YCH Done!


Fav Here

Raise a Middle Finger to JK Rowling
cos Quirks and Quidditch, a BNHA x Harry Potter Charity zine, is now ready for Pre-Orders!
proceeds will go to Mermaids.ORG to support Trans kids and their families in the UK
My art will be in one of the pages, and on one of the postcards!


Commission Update
I will put all commissions on hold from Jan 21-25 to fulfill my duties to my other charity and personal projects.

The Promised Neverland | Charity TBA | General TPN
PopRocks | Personal | Kiribaku BNHA
Hanami | Personal | Kiribaku BNHA

Thank you for your patience with me!


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Are you taking commissions at the moment? I´m looking for helluva boss themed icon commission with Fizzarolli. I need one with him that I could use as avatar