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(Commission) Selling: ✧ᏊºꈊºᏊ Cloaca's New Perma Thread - Cute Shit For All! ($5 and Up)( NEW TRADTIONAL OFFER, COMICS 11/23)


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Hello all! You can call me Mai, I'm a freelance artist who focuses primarily on feral and anthro art, but I really like to draw just about anything, as well as do plenty of crafts!

RULES and things to note (pls read before messaging!)

Edit 03/21 - Due to issues surrounding what's going on atm, I am officially putting everything on the table as I'm going to be relying heavily on commissions. I'll now be offering discounted sketches/flat coloured pieces for those who don't have money to spare but would still like something like a full body. Just please ask and I'll be happy to work something out!
As well, I am broadening my NSFW commishes to pretty much anything; the only exemption is I still won't do anything that concerns minors. :)

-As said in my title commissions are perma-open, until noted here! So there's no need to ask if they are - there's also no limit to how many commishes you want!
-The only limit I do have is if I'm working on a especially big commission, with several backgrounds and characters, I am not open for another one of that size, but I am still open to the regular chibis/headshots, all that. Please look to the fourth post here to check!
-If you message me on the regular furaffinity site rather than here on the forums, please know to expect that you might get a delay in response as I'm not on the regular site all too often.
-I will draw practically anything you throw my way; humans, anthros, ferals, dinosaurs, mecha, what have you!
-I am very NSFW-friendly and am open to many fetishes. I have few limits, including a refusal to do anything with a minor,. Even if its a technically SFW fetish.
-Please tell me very specifically what you wish for in your commission! From pose, to colours, to expression. If you're unsure, I'm also very open to artistic freedom.
-Very important: my prices are not flat, but the base. If your character has a particularly complicated design, it will add a few dollars onto the price tag (this also counts for the crafts).

Art Prices and Examples:

(All in CAD)

New traditional Styles, including comics!! (Added 11/23) please go to the 3rd post to see samples/prices!

Pencil Busts - $5
(can include hands and more details than the shoulder busts below)


Black and White Full Bodies - $10


Headshots/shoulder busts - $5


Chibis - $7


Half-Body - $10



Full Body - $15



Simple one colour - free
Simple colour with additions (text, small images) - $5
Fully made background - $10 for nature backgroumd $15 for material background (on a street, in a room, etc)


Animated Icons - $5 (can be made transparent)


Comic Pages - Prices are determined by the number of panels, characters, and backgrounds. The regular prices I have for half bodies/headshots/full bodies and backgrounds will come into effect. Putting a link to the example as its too large to put on here!
Although everything I make will always be coloured, I will offer simple black and white comics if you're on a budget.
Breaking the Mold - Pg 2 by MilkyGuro on DeviantArt

For a better breakdown of examples, please check my deviantart!
MilkyGuro | DeviantArt

Info about the crafts will be put into the second post once this thread has been confirmed. Feel free to ask me any questions!​
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Adopts, and Character Design!

A little space for my adopts. I mostly do NextGen MLP ones, and I'm happy to create a character for you!
Adopts are $6
My current batches!




YCH Bases

I also have several NSFW YCH bases going on over at my NSFW fA account - since even linking isn't allowed on here I ask you please message me for the link to it if interested!​
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Traditional Art Commissions
For a small shipping fee (depending on how large the image is), these can be shipping to you, laminated!



Craft Stuffs

Crochet Dolls:

$30 each, they typically reach 7-9 inches in height and are made out of regular acrylic yarn. Shipping is $12 for each doll, and I please ask for patience with these as I might need to buy the yarn needed.
I also use a particularly soft yarn called parfait yarn, which are $40 (due to the yarn cost), but please note that these have more limited colours, limited stock, and I will more than likely need to buy the colours necessary first.

Pins and Keychains

(please note these examples are a little old)

Pins - $4
Keychains - $5
These are all traditionally made, on sketch paper. They're laminated and have a thick paperboard backing so they won't bend easily. Like with my digital drawings, I'm happy to do anything you wish for these! Height goes from 3-4 inches for small pins and keychains, to 6 inches for large keychains.
Shipping is $4

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