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Lyra's ref

My only furry currently is Lyra <3 Bought her design from @veekuro (instagram)


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Her name is Pixel! I technically made her a few years back, but I just found her deep within my procreate stacks earlier today. I didn’t really have any songs I felt too attached to, so I chose her. She only needed a few alterations to her design, but that’s pretty much the final design.
I have a wolf OC named Chihiro, a polar bear OC named Echo, & a raccoon OC named Jax


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Name: Rory Danaher
Species: American Crow
Birth Date: June 20th, 1967 (Age 26)
Height: 6'4" (193 cm)
Weight: 242 lbs. (110 kg)

Rory is a very troubled young crow. He has been arrested multiple times for vandalism, petty theft, and public indecency. He exhibits narcissistic behavior, viewing himself as some sort of revolutionary punk rock messiah. He often speaks at length of his attempts to supplant his hometown's Lutheranism with his own flavor of LaVeyan Satanism, and exaggerates his musical talent and renown. In truth, though he is well-spoken, creative, and physically strong, he lives an impoverished life with his punk band on the outskirts of town, in a house he inherited after his father passed away from renal failure in 1987.

I believe that Rory's discontent with society, his drive to achieve, and his lack of empathy make him a good candidate for recruitment. I recommend attacking the discrepancy between his grandiose self-perception and his mediocre reality. Like most narcissists, Rory is motivated by signifiers of success, such as wealth and fame. If we arrange his meteoric rise by providing him with a large, adoring audience, and subsequently take it away, we have a good chance of either inducing a psychotic break or initiating his transformation into one of us.

I await your decision,
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My fursona!! Omg I love her a lot, as well as a custom I got from my idol. Ezpups. As well as a recent pokesona I made.


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I have several, but only have art of these ones:

Terri ('sona): https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47196988/
Melody: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47153269/
Royce: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47182352/
Kyle: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47153403/
Maicha: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47137957/
Kit and Kora: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47110486/
Gryphox (stream mascot): https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47109618/

I also have at least one more, a koopa, who I have drawn, but haven't colored, yet.


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I do not have an image of Brish yet since I can't decide exactly how he looks, but I have a filled-out bio forum about him. If anyone has any questions about him let me know. Also, I'm thinking about maybe giving him away since I don't plan to do anything with him.

Physical information


Name used: Brish
Meaning of this name: No meaning

Birth date: June 20
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Physical age: 22 years old
Species: Sergal/Tiger hybrid


Body type: Toned (thin but slightly muscular)
Height: 5½ feet
Weight:120 pounds

Form of the body (humanoid, canine, …): Humanoid

Dominant hand: Left

Physical defects/handicaps: Colorblind
How did they get them? Was born that way
To which degree do these impair them? Being colorblind does not impair him at all. In fact, he decided on his lifestyle based solely on taking full advantage of his colorblindness.
Do they have a prosthesis/artificial device to make up for it? No

Integument type (fur, scales, skin, …): Fur
Fur/scale color: White
Fur length: Short
Markings/patterns: Has regular sergal patterning and tiger stripes
Marking/pattern color: Light brown (stripes are black)

Scars: Has a big scar on his left side from being scratched while hunting

Face and head

Eye colour: Brown

Clothes and accessories

Normal outfit: Leather shorts
Winter outfit: Long leather pants and a leather jacket

Favorite object: His stone hunting knife, which was the first thing he ever made


At the age of 5, Brish decided to take full advantage of his colorblindness by moving to a forest (which was next to a town with plenty of food, making this lifestyle unnecessary) and becoming a hunter. He became very self-reliant, making everything he needed to survive with what he could get from the corpses of his prey and what he could find laying around the forest. By the time he started to question his decision, this stressful, kill or be killed way of life had already made him too paranoid and survival focused to be able to adapt to a safer, easier life in town.


How far goes their education? Never went to any kind of school


Current place residence: In a forest that is next to a town

Marital status: Single

How easily do they fall in love? It is almost impossible for him to fall in love because he is so untrusting
How many lovers have they had? 0

Are they still a virgin? Yes

Friends: None

Are they well liked? No. Everyone is intimidated by him and keep their distance.

Current job(s)/occupation(s): Hunter (only hunts for himself)
Work-related Skills: Skinning, knife wielding, bow wielding, fast reflexes, crafting from the bodies of his prey, meat cooking, fast runner


Mind and personality

In-depth personality:

Sanity: At least slightly insane

Passive or aggressive personality: Aggressive
Self-control: Moderate to high
Stress resistance: Low to moderate
General temperament: Grumpy
Self-esteem: High

Optimist/pessimist: Optimist
Outlook on life: Kill or be killed

Drives and Motivations: Survival
Good Characteristics: Always keeps his promises, is very good at knowing what he can and cannot do
Character Flaws and Quirks: Selfish, paranoid, inconsiderate, takes so much pride in being able to take care of himself that if fed anything he didn’t kill and cook he would make himself throw it up

Social skill: Very bad
Spontaneousness: Low to moderate

Adventurousness: Low
Bravery: Moderate

Predictability: Moderate
Responsibility: High
Self-reliance: Extremely high
Tidiness: Low
Manners: Low
Cheerfulness: Low

Tolerance of others: Low to moderate
Generosity: Would not give or share anything of his to anyone unless if he really likes them and completely trust them
Loyalty: Extremely low
Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Current faith/religion: Does not believe that there is anything like a higher power or an afterlife

When do they feel at ease? Knowing that he can take care of himself without anyone’s help
When don’t they feel at ease? When one of the townspeople stays in the forest for to long or when too many of them goes in there at once.
What embarrasses them? Being offered things such as food, water, clothing, or medical aid
What depresses them? Not being fully able physically (from something like a broken leg for example)
What makes them cry? Thinking about how his personality keeps him from changing his way of life to something easier

General intelligence/smartness: Very smart

Do they learn better from studying or from doing? From doing
Strong intellectual qualities: Fast thinking

Strengths and skills

Sense of touch: Ok
Sense of vision: Good
Sense of smell: Good
Sense of taste: Bad
Sense of hearing: Very good

Languages fluently spoken: English
Languages well understood: English
Languages well read: Never learned to read

Habits and addictions

Are they a vegan/vegetarian? No
Any other restricted diet? Only eats meat
Anything they avoid eating? He refuses to eat anything that he did not kill and cook

Drinking habits: Only drinks water

Do they smoke? No

Do they drink? No

Do they do drugs? No

Combat and magic

Aggressive or passive fighting style? Aggressive
Do they keep up honor or follow some code? No
Can they fight on their own? Yes
Can they take on multiple enemies of their own strength? No

Physical fighting style: Prefers to sneak up on his prey and then jump out at them
Weapon(s) they’re skilled with: Knife and bow
Signature weapon/attack: Hunting knife

Knows magic? No

Interests and opinions

What is their favorite…

· Food/dish: Roasted squirrel
· Season: Spring

What is their least favorite…

· Food/dish: Berries
· Season: Winter