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(Commission) Selling: ✧ Cloaca's Permashop - Cutesie Art (and crafts)from $5-$25 for All! (07/24 update, new examples✧


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September 7th Update: another batch of new examples!
July 24th update: now offering crafts! Pls look at bottom of post for details

Hiya, you can call me Mai or Cloaca! Welcome to my permashop, open all year around and always ready to accept art.

Examples and prices (all in CAD):

Headshots - $5


Chibis - $7



Half Bodies - $10


Full Bodies - $15



Backgrounds and Multiple Characters:
Simple block colour background - Free
Simple colour background with patterns - $5
Simplistic background with objects (such as ground and walls) that doesn't cover entire page - $7
Full on, detailed background - $15

Multiple characters cost x2 the amount of what you want; ie, two headshots would be $10, three halfbodies would be $30




$3 pins

$4 keychains

$30-35 crochet dolls

-Like with regular digital art I will do any character.
-Keychains and pins will take a day or two, plushies could take a week or longer depending on material needed.
-Keychains and pins are drawn traditionally, covered in smooth laminating paper and backed with sturdy paperboard.
-Keychains and pins are $2 shipping, plushies are $12 (due to size, they are typically 7 inches tall).
-Lower price for plush is for ones made from acrylic yarn, higher price is for ones made from parfait yarn, a particularly soft material.

For more examples please check out:
Jinbesan on DeviantArt

Userpage of Cloaca-Mahoney -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
maiiart.tumblr.com: Strawberries and Marshmallows
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da rules:
New Important rule:
As of now all of my prices above headshots are no longer flat, they are base prices - if a character has a lot of little details that will take a while to work on, a few more dollars will be added to the price. This change comes because I've been spending more time on each commission to make sure it looks to the best of my ability, and would prefer the payment to be appropriate for the time spent <: Thank you for your understanding!

-I will draw practically anything you throw my way. Your run of the mill furries, monsters, ferals, pokemon, neopets, robots, dinosaurs, aliens, humans, give me whatever you have!
-NSFW and SFW are both good to go, please check my fA for my NSFW examples (if wanted, I can give more over PM). Many fetishes are also accepted, as long as they don't include a character who is a minor.
-Payment is given through paypal and typically when the drawing is flatly covered, before shading it done. The exception to this is if you're doing a more expensive commish, at which I will ask for half the payment upfront.
-I do my best to get most regular commissions done within a week at the very latest. If it'll take later than that, I'll be sure to tell you and ask you to please be patient.
-I also accept comic commissions but have no examples up there as I haven't done many, and the ones I have are old examples - that, and I do not have set prices for them, instead needing you to give me all the details before I can whip one up. Even if you decide not to get one but are interested, feel free to tell me your idea anyhow!
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Most recent art example: (warning, slight gore)
Not an anthro, but I also wanted to show another example of my more detailed eye style c;


Milkin' your interest since, uh... Dunno!
I miiiiiiiight be lookin' to shell a few bucks out for one of these. I like these soft-looking characters! Do I just send you a PM, or something like that? I-I'm new to this whole commissioning thing on FA-


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I miiiiiiiight be lookin' to shell a few bucks out for one of these. I like these soft-looking characters! Do I just send you a PM, or something like that? I-I'm new to this whole commissioning thing on FA-

Thanks for your interest! :'D It's all good, I'm new too to it!
Yes, please send me a PM giving me refs of what you want, a description of what you want the image to look like, and what style you want. <:


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Hello! Are the commissions still open?