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(Commission) Selling: ✧Ruby's Summer Commissions + Character Sheets✧ [$20 - $100]


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Commission Slots Available
My Name is Ruby and I do digital art! Help a queer artist pay her rent!!
@Ruby4Breakfast / rubywilsonbiz@gmail.com

✧ Currently selling: ✧
1. Slot One: Open
2. Slot Two: Open
3. Slot Three: Open
4. Slot Four: Open
5. Slot Five: Open

✧ Pricing ✧
Coloured Bust: $20 USD
Coloured Half-Body: $45 USD
Coloured Full Body: $60 USD
Coloured Turn Around (2 Full Body no Clothing): $75 USD

+ Additional Outfit: $15 USD
+ Additional Character: $20 USD

Character Sheet (includes 2 busts w diff expressions, two full bodies w. Alt outfits [seen below])*: $100USD ($115 value)

Commission example 2.jpg

If you want more details to your character sheets, i.e. name, age, details or special items / design characteristics, that's also fine! Just specify in the email and I will confirm in the sketch :)
Unwilling to Draw:
NSFW, inflation, non-con, minors, bestiality, mecha

~*Excited to Draw*~:
DnD characters, Cryptids, Anthro furries, Clothing-wearing furries,

✧ important ✧
If u ask me to draw anything that fetishizes trans folks, queer folks or otherwise, I will block you~

Secure a Slot:
1. Email me at rubywilsonbiz@gmail.com / or DM me on this website to confirm with me
2. Once confirmed, send me at least (3) reference photos of your character or images of details / outfits you want included in the art
3. I will send you a sketch (no lines / colours) which you will approve, and then payment is requested in full
4. Upon completion, I will send the commission in a dropbox file, as well as a screenshot of the receipt showing you that I deposited the money once the commission was finished.

I'm new to this platform but it has been strongly recommended by many of my friends! I'm a queer artist who was recently laid off from a job, and I'm freelancing to pay my rent this summer! Any support you can give me would greatly help, and if you have any questions, you can message me here, or at my twitter, @Ruby4Breakfast ✧​