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i decided to semi-open up some art trades this will probably be cross-posted to Instagram in the future but I’ve been taking a little bit of a social media break for now but currently I’m opening up some art trades so comment if you’re interested here are some art examples you can also find more on my IG under CinnaBummie

I’m opening up

animated GIF trades you can find my most recent example here ( actual gif is much more high quality TH just seems to destroy the quality because of the size of the piece ) https://toyhou.se/Naboo/art#27330137

Halfbody trades example here https://toyhou.se/Naboo/art?page=1#27106368

Scene trades ( so custom painted background, and the character basically in a scene // maybe subtitles like from a movie) you can find an example here https://toyhou.se/Naboo/art?page=4#24872050

More scene examples




Phone wallpaper trades example here https://sta.sh/01l7vltzl50f

Headshot trades example here ( not many recent examples I have some in the works tho)

Full body chibis examples here https://sta.sh/02e5dwlop6a9

Sketch page trades example here https://sta.sh/0deobu5rml2

Sketchy semi painted busts https://sta.sh/022u4xr23hy4

Another example https://toyhou.se/Naboo/art?page=4#24920820

Microsoft paint/word doc art examples here https://toyhou.se/Naboo/art#27261636
Just comment down below your art examples, what type of art trade you’d like to do, and who you’d like to be drawn as well as your IG or Twitter handle so I can tag you in the finished piece of I decide to post it there


I would like to have one of these characters drawn pick which one your more comfy drawing in your comment