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(Commission) Selling: ✿★❤ Low Cost Commissions! | Headshots $5 | Full Body $10 | Feral, Anthro, Almost anything! ✿★❤


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I posted my commission sheet a few weeks ago, but still have yet to hear from anyone interested in a commission from me. I know I'm not the best, but I like to do this for fun.

Here are the rules for my commissions:
* Paypal Only
* Will begin as soon as payment arrives, however, may do a sketch before payment if requested.
* Will be in PNG format
* Most art will be done in Paint Tool SAI
* Can do flat color or painted look, it's up to you
* You may upload the art in any site you wish
* Anything is acceptable, but I may have limits so just ask.
* My work will take at least one week. You will be informed if I need more time to work on it.
* Will accept commissions through the Notes system.
* Will show progress if asked to.


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My latest submission. I know, I'm not the most popular artist, but it won't hurt to consider me for commissions.
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