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I can do human, furry, taur, etc, etc. Just not ferals this time.

Lines: $12
Colour: $20
NSFW: +$2
Add character: +50%
(prices are in USD and don't include tax)

Wingit style. You can give an activity/hobby or a description of character personality which I will use to make the pose. There will be one WIP (right before I colour) to check for mistakes, and you can check for mistakes again at the end. That's 2 free changes total, additional ones cost.

I won't take more than three at a time (2 slots available). If you want it done by Christmas just let me know, they don't take too long so I won't charge a rush fee. If you want them done on a deadline, make sure to be available to approve WIPs via email.

How to order:
Send me an email ( to commissionfralea @ gmail.com ) with the following info:

Your username(s) - use URL (optional):
Paypal email address:
Line or colour?:
Character species:
Reference(s): [links, attachments, and/or text]
Notes about character(s) appearance/clothing (optional):
Anything incorrect on your reference(s) (optional):
Activity, hobby, or personality - mention if you want nsfw:
Are you the age of majority (legally able to enter contracts) in your place of residence?:
Do you agree to my TOS?:

Complex characters may increase price. Ask if not sure.
TOS: sta.sh: Commission TOS 7-8-17
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