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~❤️My Button Commissions Are Always Open❤️~


New Member
Heya! My commission slots are always open for custom pin badges!!! I make them with my button press!

They are 2 1/2 inches (round)

Any image can be printed (SFW only though :)

The image can be square, however please note I will modify the image to fit on your button!!!

I use top quality photo paper to ensure a lovely print every time (THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL)

-Due to the manufacturing process some flaws are to be expected. A pin back may get moved a bit to the side and the pin may be worn slightly crooked. I am not a robot so I am not perfect. If this does occur I may remake your badge depending on how much the backing moved. (Example: if the backing was supposed to be at the top but it is at the side, I will remake your button)

-If you would like the pin back to be in a position other than at the top or bottom let me know. If you don’t specifically say “pin back on the bottom” in the customization section, it will be on the top edge.