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❥ Cute Full Body or Badge Commissions! ($15-$20)


Quick Details
Fullbody, colored, plain background or transparent optional
Pricing: $15-$20 depending on complexity, PayPal only, payment due AFTER you are given a preview of your finished work
Completion Time: 2-7 days. If I am experiencing problems, I will keep you up-to-date. Since I do not take payment before, you don't have to worry about your money since you will not be paying me until after your art has been completed.
For more examples of what I can do, please check me out @rabbtart on instagram.

Hi there! I'm Bunny and I'm open for furry commissions! I am doing full body page stickers :) These will have a transparent background (but I will also send you a version with a plain white upon request) and are medium-sized, meant to act as a sticker on your webpage or something. You can request it to be either inked (first example) or painted (like the rest); that will not affect your price. The complexity of your request/character design will, however, so talk to me for details and I will let you know before completion!

For any questions, please do not contact me here as I'm barely on this website. Please send me a DM through instagram :) Thank you!


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Hmm. I think I will commission you later. Will poke you when I have the money ready. :3


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