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(Commission) Selling: ❥ SymSym's Shop ◆ [N]SFW, Ref Sheets, and more! ◆ 30% off!


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'ello y'all!! ❤

I'm opening a lil shop over here for SFW and NSFW art, with a 30% discount of my usual prices to start!!

My original prices can be found over here. If you'd like something NOT listed in this thread, refer to that page and we'll talk!! (non-furry art doesn't get the discount)

I'm an illustrator with +10yrs experience, and I've been doing commissions for over 5 years - but I only got a few furry requests during that time. I'd like to return to this audience because I used to have a lot of fun around the furrydom when I was younger.
My FA is symsylveon


Sketch: from $30 to $20 (extra characters/simple background: +50%)


✜ Color: from $70 to $40 (extra characters/simple background: +50%)

✜ Painting: from $100 to $70 (extra characters/simple background: +50%)


✜ Ref sheet: from $80 to $55 (each 2 extra elements: +$5)



Thank you very much!! ♥♥♥
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