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(Commission) Selling: ⭐️NSFW and SFW⭐️ $5 sketches to $90

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⭐️ Hello all! I'm opening up commissions for anyone interested!⭐️

SFW references shown below
Link to NSFW references

I'm highly flexible with the kind of content I'll create, including illustrations, pin-ups, scenes, character references/designs, comics, etc.. If you'd like a background, please come knowing what you'd like in mind. Background back vary drastically and I'd like to know what you want. Depending on what you'd like, we can negotiate the price to raise/lower it to the needs of the piece

I accept payment through Venmo, Cashapp and Kofi in USD. Paypal is accepted, but only if there's no other option. At least half of the commission must be paid before I start working


Many fetishes and kinks (check dont's for the no no's)
Blood and gore
Any humanoid/anthro creatures (including humans)
Fanart and OCs
Feral animals(sfw)
-Basically anything thats sfw-

Dont's (nsfw only)
Scat, water sports, farts, or vomit
Underage characters/ageplay
Foot fetishes [negotiable]
Vore [negotiable]
Feral animals(nsfw)

⭐️ If you don't see something listed above that you're interesting in, feel free to ask me about it! I'm open to quite a lot of concepts and mediums :3 ⭐️
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