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(Base/YCH) Selling: 【NSFW】 YCH Animation Auction [SB $200]


Auction Page


If you are interested in highly detailed NSFW Animations, feel free to check my ongoing YCH Auction Page! :oops:

I can adapt animation for another species as long as body shape remains the same.
Also can add some specific details for Your Character, but, unfortunately, can't add animated clothes with many folds.
Your character must be 18+. :oops:
You must provide image reference of your character.

Current slot pricing:
Starting Bid : $200
Min Increase : $50
Auto Buy option 1 : $500, single payment
Auto Buy option 2 : $600, up to 3 months payment plan

Auction ends within 24h after the last bid, but not earlier than 17.04.2020.

Quality of Life:
Delivery time 1 ~ 2 weeks
1 free review for sketch and color stages: I'll email you static images to confirm that my vision of your character is corrent, you will have at least 24 hours to make me notes.

Only accept PayPal
Payment plan
$200/month is available for users who bought YCHes before (from any artists on FA). :p

All bids must be done at YCH Auction Page.
Backstage WIP ^-^'

Terms of Service

Have a nice day!
Don't forget to wash your hands. :oops:
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