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[1/4 OPEN] Sonic Style Adopts:. $5 Minimum, All Characters Must Go!

The Cospunk Prince

The Artist Currently Known as Prince

So your boy's trying something a bit new and selling adoptables! What started out as a quick redesign of one-shot OCs from 2008/2011 quickly turned into 'I absolutely adore these characters but can't give them the love they deserve', so I'm trying to give them a nice loving home. First things first...

After purchasing an adopt from me you..
Are encouraged to- Give them an age/backstory, use them as a roleplay character, post them and my art of them wherever you like as long as you keep the watermark

Can: Change their hairstyle/outfit, Change their name, Sell them for as much as you paid

Can NOT:
Draw/commission fetish/NSFW art of them(I am VERY STRICT ABOUT THIS These are still my babies and I don't want even the slightest chance of seeing them in that way), change their species, change their fur colour

How this Works
Minimum payment of $5
gets you the flat-colour character art. I will clean up some pixels for you, but not do any additional work to the piece.
Anything Over 5 Dollars but Less than $15 Will get you the piece fully shaded.
Anything $15USD or more will get a flat-colour reference of the character which includes a full-body front view, full-body backview, sideview headshots, a colour chart and any changes you want to make to the character (as long as it follows the guidelines above). This includes but does not limit to the name, change of hairstyle/outfit, adding additional markings/tattoos without changing the entire fur colour, and so on. I am more than willing to give you a sfw base front/backview (as in, non-clothed but no detail on the bits) if you want to add your own outfit/have them be feral. We can work out the negotiations through PM.


Minty the Lemur SOLD


Zoe the Fox SOLD


Mynn The Cat SOLD
DeviantART Submission-https://www.deviantart.com/thecospunkprince/art/PAYPAL-ADOPT-OPEN-Mynn-the-Cat-764503668


Mae the Panda

DeviantART Submission- www.deviantart.com: PAYPAL ADOPT[OPEN]: Mae the Panda

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The Cospunk Prince

The Artist Currently Known as Prince
Bumping again, to say that all of these are still open AND if you either purchase/win the auction, I will definitely clean up some of the pixels/lineart for you. Heck, I'll even add shading if you'd like for no additional charge.

The Cospunk Prince

The Artist Currently Known as Prince
Scratch the auction, these are now name-your-price(I will take as little as $5USD, but if you give me $15 or more I will include shading to this piece and a reference with any changes you might want to make.) As I am kind of really desperate. Will update the details shortly.

The Cospunk Prince

The Artist Currently Known as Prince
All are still open, still $5 unless you want additional art, and Minty will come with a Halloween themed lineart for no additional charge.


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The Cospunk Prince

The Artist Currently Known as Prince
After a very traumatic event yesterday I had to call out from work. Please consider adopting one of these(OR I can make you a custom, PM me to inquire)


Werewolf a Tophat
together we can show the world what we can do

Sorry not sorry

The Cospunk Prince

The Artist Currently Known as Prince
UPDATE- As of right now, only Mae is available to adopt!


I am also offering Customs, either a shaded full-body for $10 or a full reference sheet for $30, please message me for details!