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$1-$5 commissions (and a $10 special)


She sells sanctuary
$1-$5 commissions (and a $10 special) - CLOSED

Hi folks -

Normally don't do this, but (like everyone else who takes commissions ever, it seems) I'm in a financial pickle.

So here's the deal:

$1 buys you a sketch of your fursona from the chest up (No limit to how many you want)
$3 buys you a full body sketch OR a second character
$5 buys you an adult sketch of the situation of your choice... I normally don't do adult stuff. I have very few limits, just PM me and I'll tell you if I can't do what you envision.

$10? Well, you could get 10 sketches (I'd ink and color the one of your choice), or 4 of those $3 sketches (one of them colored), or 2 adult situations (one of them colored).***If you get a $10 deal, the awesome Rezzit will do a digital sketch for you too (ala http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1640808/))

Examples of sketches attached. Your sketch will be cleaned up and e-mailed to you as soon as I complete it!

Feel free to comment on this thread or PM me if you have any questions.
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