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Art Trade: 1 at a time SFW Art Trade


Never say never
Taking one art trade at a time because I get overwhelmed/nervous easily.

How it works:
I am opening one slot at a time for a trade. I will update when the slot is taken. Reply to the post with your ref/description if you wanna draw my Animal Crossing OC.
  • Only use SFW references.
  • Don't DM as a request, just reply.
  • Weird OCs are great, nothing grotesque or bloody or kinky though.
  • I'm slow and old.

What I can draw!
Animal Crossing style villagers or the usual anthros. Also good at plain animals. My gallery is here Userpage of Punkedsolar -- Fur Affinity [dot] net. It will probably be water-colour style like the image below.

What you will draw!
I'd like you to draw my animal-crossing OC Punkedsolar - she's a punk koala who likes plants:

I don't mind what your skill level is as long as you've put energy and time into it.

Trade Slot: Open


Never say never
Bump - I'm not scary!

If you don't like AC style, just stick some pants on that koala - that really does sound dodgy, hmm.

I also do stuff like this one, though no promises on this (I can never recreate things):


Just a vaporwave hyena stuck in the 80's.
Hi! I'm interested in this! I really like your art, you have a very unique style! However, I may be a bit slow on my end, since I have less time on my hands this week to draw, but I can't pass up this offer!


Never say never
Hello, you have a really nice painting style. Can you draw my coth blue?
Headshot or bust, anything you're comfortable with.

Sure. Also, as well as the koala, I'm happy to get a pic of the little ostrich critter I use as my avatar - there's a link to their fullsize image here. I'm not finicky about number of spots or exact colours or anything!


Never say never
Awesome! And thankyou very much for your lovely pic - if you upload it here let me know so I can +fave it here :) Or let me know if you're okay for me to upload it and credit it to you!

And here is yours:




Just a vaporwave hyena stuck in the 80's.
Ok! I think I should have enough time to trade now! This is my sona:

Can I draw your koala? I am bit better at drawing mammals than I am at drawing birds. Also, would you like the piece to be digital or traditional?

Pastel Gothine

ur local pastel goth


Never say never