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1$ Chubby Cheek Icons


Wild lunatic!
Greetings everyone I've decided i'm going to start making you guys my super cute chubby cheek icons for 1$ each with added features of course for more.

You may ask for how much chubby you want in those cute wittle cheeks within a certain degree of course. They range from small to large

Animated eye movement is .25 cents more
icon with glass accent .10 cents more
icon with glass accent and broken glass cracks for additional .10 cents more
Mated Icons that match side to side with someone else will cost 2.50$ and will have a choice of any of the features above free of charge.

Regular Chubby cheek with nothing http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4467500/
Animated and with glass accent http://www.furaffinity.net/full/3643819/
Animated with glass accent and broken glass cracks http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3584046/

As the artist i hold the right to cancel your order. If i decide to cancel the order. Your payment will be returned to you unless you have not yet payed for the item. All payments must be received after the approval image (your icon with the word approval going across it) is accepted. once the money arrives i will submit your icon.

If you would like one please leave a message here with your request and PM me your contact details after give you he reply stating a price. All payments go to charpoketron[at]yahoo.com when sending your payment PLEASE! Please use send as gift not payment. Payment deducts a fee but if you send by gift then it comes to me for the whole amount.