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1 Page Comic Request [Price Needed]


Hello, I'm sure I'd be interested in this, but what would the comic page be about.
Here are comic examples, all NSFW, sorry:

Those comic samples are from a while ago, so the style of it is a bit outdated.
These are two recent pictures:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8290362/ (NSFW)

I charge $8/hour, I don't include the sketching/drafting process, so overall I would imagine the page would take around 3 hours,
or you could ask me to stop after a certain price is reached for the page.


That is a little to pricey for me but if you have a steam account we can trade some items to cover the cause.

This is what im looking for a 1 page comic with my refs in my sig its going to be a medical comic its fofi laying on a table getting poked and proded either way it can be nsfw or not.
Do you refer to my prices , triple cow´s or gewitter´s ?
And I asked what level of completion (lineart, grayscale shading or flat color) did you want.
In my case, I can´t lower the price, a comic is around 5-7 illustrations, if you think about it, at 10 USD each illustration would be 50-70 USD, a comic is a lot of work. And I don´t have a steam account ^^U


your prices zhuria its just a little doodle nothing fancy do you have a second life account i have a few lindens i wanted to spend,im not a good artist i can try to draw something for you and we can do a trade.
Don´t have a Second Life account either, I don´t play games on my laptop because it shuts down. I´m really wondering if you were going to pay at all.
My trades are full atm, and when I finish these ones I already have, there´s two other artists I want to trade with.
I come here looking for PAID commissions requests...


Hey, Assbutt
He was probably after prices of less than $2.

He doesn't know how much work goes in to a comic page.
OP, comic pages are expensive, particularly if you want a good piece. $40 is a more than fair price for a medium grade splash page. If you can't afford that then you need to tell people what budget you have if any, rather than trying to barter, or save up if you want good art.


This is my FA page


You can see my art work and commission detail.

If you interest my art style plz. tell me !!

And I'm very confident that I can do work immediately and complete before dead line !!

Short Comic 5-10 pages
10$ per page in short comic , pencil line and text type in English !!!

Detail :

-5-10 pages
-1-6 Panels per page
-Ink line
-gray screentone
-text type in English only

Comic type :

-Love Comedy
-Normal comic
-4Koma (4 Panels per page)
-Mature/Adult Comic (15$ per page)

Price :

10$ per page

15$ per page in Mature/Adult comic (Except : Fighting comic with violence that price = normal comic)

Example ***Every character in this example has its owner ***



Thank you very much.

PS.You want only 1 page I cost 10$ per page from detail above =w=b