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(Adopt/Character) Selling: [$10 - $45 USD] Dragon and gillhound adopts for sale!


I am just a dog on the internet (wow!)

I accept payment with PayPal for all adopts, and please provide your email when buying so I can send you the invoice.


Why are the gillhounds cheaper?

Gillhounds are a new original open species, so they're priced lower to encourage people to want one. The price for them may increase in the future once they're not as new.

Current Adoption Listings


Description: If you buy both dragons together, it's $10 less than buying separately!

Once bought, the design is yours to keep. Please allow me a day or two to complete the ref after buying. The reference sheet includes color swatches, eyes, and a front-view head shot. Chosen name, gender, and other text can be added on request.


Description: Once bought, the design is yours to keep. These designs can be used with any of the 3 breeds, not just standard!

What is a Gillhound?
Gillhounds are sapient dog-shark creatures that are native to coastal biomes across the globe...

The complete species guide can be read here.