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$10 Clean Bust / $20 Clean Body Bases


I need to make $250 in 9 days or my bank account will close on the 4th.
Total now: $146 in 7 days.

It's been negative for 269 days. You would think I could just let it go, it's been too long, why not right? Well, I was counting on my taxes to deposit into the checking account by now because I filed a month before. That would have taken care of the negative.

They haven't deposited yet.

If the account closes on the 4th, I won't get my taxes. I might lose my refund. I can't afford to let this happen. I have too much riding on it.

So please, commission me. If you can't, please spread the word!


$10 Clean Bust Base and $20 Clean Body Bases are clean lined, filled in with white, shaded with a transparent background with my studio logo and signature. You can practice your digital coloring with it but please do not claim it as your personal work.

Visit my Patreon and FurAffinity for examples of quality. Examples are below. If you'd like to become a Patron, it's $10 a month and you get access to this 50% off Body Base to color to your liking!

Or if you want to commission a completed piece from me to bite a chunk out of the bank negative, the commission example is a preview of the finished Patreon exclusive $10 base.

And no, I'm not charging for people to see the base. I was hit with the news this morning after I had posted the patreon exclusive last night. So, I can't unlock it as a freebee. I'm really sorry and it puts me in a bind as well because I don't have other examples of expected quality right now.

When the commission is done, I'll send you a version with an ugly watermark on it. When payment over paypal is received, I'll send you the unwatermarked version with my studio logo and signature, plus the PSD.

Payment is received AFTER commission completion.

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