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$10 Commissions, Regular Commissions, Auctions, and Folios (Selling)


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Hey guys!

I'm in a bit of a bind and have opened up:

♥ $10 Emergency Commissions:


Example NSFW

♥ $20 Emergency Collab Commissions (with flat colors by [faicon]lavenderpandy[/faicon])

♥ Regular Commissions-
-Full Color Single Character- $40 +$15 Each additional Character +$15 for description only​
*Price may increase based on difficulty of character​

-Inks Single Character- $30 +$15 Each additional Character​

-$15 for description only *Price may increase based on difficulty of character​

♥ And I have some auctions going as well!

And I have plenty of awesome folios in my store as well! (All Male Folio G-R, and G-Rated Cub folio)

I'm also selling MLPWNY Stickers:


They're on sale in the store too!

Can't help out but want to? Pimp me out! Anybody who advertises for me and buys a regular commission get's $5 off! Just link me to the advert! (Does not apply to Emergency Comissions)

Emailing or noting me will get you the quickest responses from me! I'll be checking here as well! If you have any questions feel free to ask!Thank you for looking!
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