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(Commission) Selling: [$10+] Cute! Anime cartoon and chibi commissions!!


Live Fearless!
Basils Art Shop!
Hello! I'm so glad you've stopped by! Call me Fearless!, and I am the sole proprietor of this shop, I make cute and fun stylized pieces of art using vibrant colors and fun shapes to create art that's sure to make you smile! Please read what I've written below to see if you might be interested in commissioning me

Slots available:
  1. Avaliable!
  2. Available!
  3. Available!
  4. Available!
  5. Available!

You can find my TOS here: docs.google.com: Terms of service

    • Headshot
      • Lineart ~ $10.00
      • Flat color ~ $13.00
      • Full package ~ $20.00
    • Bust
      • Lineart ~ $15.00
      • Flat color ~ $20.00
      • Full package ~ $25.00
    • 3/4
      • Lineart ~ $20.00
      • Flat color ~ $26.00
      • Full package ~ $35.00
    • Full Body
      • Lineart ~ $25.00
      • Flat color ~ $30.00
      • Full package ~ $40.00
    • Reference Sheet ~ $70.00
  • Add-ons
    • You can make any "Full package" commission a "badge" for only an additional $10.00
    • Simple backgrounds i.e. shapes and gradients +$5.00
    • Extra characters cost 3/4 as much as the original package before any add-ons.
      • Ex) 2 character full body flat color would be 30+(.75x30)= $52.50 +any add ons
    • Any character with excessive markings may be subject to a small upcharge depending on complexity. Feel free to inquire!
Find examples of my work on:
instagram @basilcreations (You'll find the most here)
and of course my furaffinity!
I have a Twitter (@BeautifulBasil) and a Discord which I can give out per request!
Those two will merit the fastest response, but reaching me here on this forum and PMing me should work relatively fast as well!

Can't wait to hear from you!
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Live Fearless!
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