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10 Days until CHRISTMAS!!!


Today is the 15th of December which means it's 10 days away until the 25th!!! As a celebration, what are you guys thinking you'll get for Christmas?

Stay Strong and lets keep waiting!!! <3


wig snatcher
Woo, Christmas!
This year ending is enough of a gift though, but I know I'm getting a keyboard (Since my parents told me that one), the rest is a mystery though.


Å nei, cringe
Eh, for those celebrating Christmas the proper way it's 9 days, on the 24th.

As for gifts I want: A treadmill.
The EU to die.
A girlfriend.
The usual.


Definitely not a lizard
I'll get books ,booze pizza and some cake. What else should I want?

Cloud Spire

New Member
I got my Christmas present early since it was an emergency adoption (scottish fold kitten). The only other things I really want is Final Fantasy 15 and some Mass Effect DLC ._.