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resident sheep


It's been a while, fA, but I'm back with commissions; and hopefully soon some new & interesting pieces~ Unfortunately I have mostly my school art & character designs at the moment.

I’ll be taking probably about 5 or 6 at a time, depending on complexity. Paypal & USD only. I can do more than 1 character, detailed backgrounds, simple designs, whatever. Message or email me and we can hammer out the details - the prices are flat rates and basically the most basic order available.

I’m willing to do fanart from a specific amount of fandoms (namely the ones I’m in or familiar with, feel free to ask), and I’m always willing to draw your ocs or fan characters. NSFW related things are something we also need to discuss, but I'm generally completely fine with full female nudity, I will not draw male genitals unless under specific circumstances. Fetish art is very hit or miss.

Muzzles are welcome, I'm a bit iffy with beaks.

Any questions, please please ask!