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10 slots Commissions [OPEN] April/May Special: Matching Icons $20+


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Hello everyone! I'm just new at drawing Furries and as I don't know a lot of people with a Fursona, I thought I could offer my commissions here! So you get a full resolution commission and I can practice drawing Furries!

☆☆☆ April/May Special Requests: Matching Icons ☆☆☆

Just for April and May I will be taking Matching Icons requests, you will get two icons + a full resolution drawing for just 20USD base
(extra could be charged depending on character design)
☆ (Regular Price: $15 headshot commission)

You can see some examples of past requests here ✌





If you are not interested on matching icons, or you just want a single drawing of your Fursona, here is my commission chart with prices and some examples!

MONTH SALE > - Match Icon Headshot> 20USD (2 characters)

- Headshot > 15USD
- Half body > 25USD
- Lower body > 30USD
- Full Body > 40USD
- Chibi > 10USD
- Add a mascot > Up to 30Usd depending on complexity
- Simple Backgrounds for FREE




Some important info you should read before asking your commission

  • PAYPAL PAYMENT ONLY. All payments must be made on USD.
  • Chibi commissions take up to 5 days to be finished. All other commissions could take up to 10days.
  • Prices are for each character. Extra could be charged depending on complexity.
  • No refunds. Once I received your payment I will not refund your money if you don't want your commission anymore. If I can't send your commission on time, I will contact you to arrange an agreement where you can ask for refund.
  • No changes after I started your commission
  • All commissions are just for personal use. If you decide to upload it anywhere, please credit me adding my twitter artpage: nobunaganoran@gmail.com.
  • All commissions are full color. If you want just a sketch or something simpler will be cheaper, please ask!

--------------------------- MAILS TO : NOBUNAGANORAN@GMAIL.COM ---------------------------

Please follow this instructions before sending your commission request:

- Please state your name or nickname.
- How many characters do you want.
- Send references of each character.
- Indicate type of framing (Headshot, Half body, full, etc)
- Please tell if you want to add an accesory or a mascot ( Up to 30USD depending on complexity).

Your commission

- You will receive a full resolution drawing (2000 x 2000, 300dpi). Your drawing could have a different size to get a better composition, but won't be smaller than 2000 x 2000.
- Making payment you agree that I can upload your commission in a low resolution size and watermarked version to my art pages. Please ask if you request otherwise.

Some examples of commissions done






Thank you so much for reading! All commissions payment will be used to pay bills so I appreciate any request (。・ω・。)!!
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