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100 Themes/50 Days


Hy-y-per Credible
I actually have a picture of the book on my FA page (I need to put a better picture of it up =/). Now I need a ref pic (all I have ATM are species pics) before someone else takes 8. If a few pictures of my species are good enough, that would be wonderful. If not, I'll just wait and hope I can still get the slot. Thank you for your time =3
I can reserve it, no problem.


Hy-y-per Credible
#70 finished
just a heads up, if you requested multiple themes, what I'm doing, to be somewhat fair to others, is doing one per person at a time, and the second requests and so on will be done at the end. Just so I get everyone in as timely as possible. But just so you know that means if you DID request one prior to others, one of your request will be done before others. Just lettin ya know ^.^ I'll still do your others, just not right away.



I asked for #20 first...

Oh well, artist preference I suppose.

Hmm... since 20 is taken, can I get... um... hold that thought.
Aw man I didn't even notice D:

You can have it to yourself if ya want, I request art too much anyways x3


Can I call #77?
I think it would be really cool. haha (if you get the joke)

here is my ref.

Its only the head but you can be creative with the rest if you decide to draw him. =)


Ould I get 43 and 98? Ref in sig! Thanks!