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1000 ways to die


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
302 post in the politics and news section


Joy Boi
303. Putting a tea drinker and a coffee drinker in one room with their drink of choice. Only one will emerge victorious.


kleptomaniac for knowledge
304: ask the guy who drove the coca cola truck if you could have a taste cause you always drink pepsi then not giving the coca cola back.


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307: saying "This USA-Mexico Border Fence is completely impregnable!" and slapping it lightly with the back of your hand.
307a: It falls over on top of you
307b: Border patrol peppersprays you to death
307c: Pancho Villa takes offence


Bouncy faithful powerful fox.
#313 parachuting in the rain and leaving the parachute to freeze overnight before your next jump


Joy Boi
#317: Died of boredom waiting for the forums to come back online.

We must mourn their loss.


Joy Boi

Flirting with foxes is a dangerous game. They may just take you for their own, and you'll never be seen again.;)


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Being shaved bald, painted red and buried up to the neck in the middle of a gridiron pitch just before Arnold Schwarzenegger arrives to deliver the symbolic 'first kick of the ball'.


back to Aussie foxying!

...bricks falling on your head