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1000 ways to die


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327: Goes to paper box during a magical performance and instead of magic trick the car smash that box with you inside.
(Its a scene from our new video, which will be finished till the end of this month :DD )


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
328: crossed the street while using active camo and got hit by a car(happened in a game...)


Woof? Woof
335: Eating way, way too many bananas.


Woof? Woof
I question what went down.

339: Got sniped at 374.05 meters.
That''s mighty specific of you. You sure you didn't do something specific to get to that number? :>

#340: Spinning around in circles while shouting "THIS IS NOT MY CANDY CANE!"


Woof? Woof

Listening to Justin Bieber.