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1000 ways to die

Frank Gulotta

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Contracting a sudden, severe allergy to water.

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Using a chainsaw as a saddle on a bicycle.

I think I saw someone using that as snowmobile... the video was somewhere on the internet, lol

55. Jumping on the stage to ask your favourite wrestler for a signature.


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60: Locked in a room with seven skunks.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
61. Bit by a squirrel, and got rabies


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Installed an ejector seat in your helicopter.

(I know these exist, they fire sideways. Yours is military surplus from a James Bond set and goes straight up!)


aka Cutter Cat
71: Hitching a ride on top of a semi trailer and encountering a low bridge.