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1000 ways to die

a sleepy kitty

Buh bye. :(
R2-67 do not go to a Star Wars convention dressed as Spock, or else a bunch of overweight, pimple-faced fanboys will hunt you down.

Edit: "Hmmm, wrong fandom you're dressed as. Kill you we must."


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Did you know that aircraft engines occasionally get damaged because they suck up a bird?
It's called 'Bird Strike'.

Did you also know that the engineers test the engines to make sure they can survive?
They load a frozen turkey into a cannon and fire it through a running engine.

Well, I guess somebody didn't hear their superior properly because...
...somebody just tested an engine for NERD strike.


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R-75 Tried to confront the monster under your bed


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R2-79 - stopped living and become a mixed-up zombie.



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r2-80 Gave me a headache and had to listen to me complain about it for the next 4 hours.


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
r2-81 tried to change their phone on a 240v outlet


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R2-82 tried to work on a car using harbor freight jack stands


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R2-87 saw a cool tik tok trend and.. it didn’t go well