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100x100 icons? c:

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Who's open for icons? Post prices, examples, and turnaround please. I would like a 100x100 icon size for use on here and other sites.



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My icons are $4. However, I have not done an icon if FOREVER so my examples for them are extrememly out of date. Click on the paw to view my gallery and current style =)

I can't say exactly how long it'll take, but definitely no longer than a week. If interested, please message e-mail me here: foreverafter_art[at]hotmail.com



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I do two different set of icons. Animated for $5 and non-animated for $2.

Check out my commission below in my signature.


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I'd be more than happy to make some icons for you! c:

Unfortunately, I don't have many icon examples at the moment, but I have plenty of full-body examples of my art!

Available icon styles:
Painted - $6.00
Shaded Lineart - $4.00

Here is an example of an icon I recently finished, in the 'painted' style.

Both styles should take no longer than one week to complete. You would receive one large headshot image (roughly 500x500 px), as well as your choice in resizes (ie., 100x100).

Let me know if you're interested! Feel free to either send me a PM here on the forum, or send me an email at eske_paw@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading!
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My icons are $7 for the first, $5 for the second and $2 for the third. Please check out my gallery for samples. Thanks! :)

Edit: Turn around time is a week or less (usually get done the night of). Samples are in my gallery or my journal signature, and you don't need to order 3 icons at once to get the price discount. You could order one and then another one a year later, just remind me of one I've done previously to get the discount. :)
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I do icons for $3.


semi-realistic style for $6.




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I can do something like my avatar (with or without the background and name) for about $5. : 3