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100x100 Icons

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Alaskan Salmon Roe
Colored Facial/bust icons. You get a 400x400 and a 100x100 for FA use. These are not first come first served! I will not do one for everybody that posts on this, I want to pick a few, then come back and do a couple more. Throw out some refs(safe for work) of the character you want.


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Hi, I'd love an icon of my fursona, Feather. Here is his written reference -
Fur Color; White
Markings; Rainbow stripes on his legs
Hair Color/Style; Black mohawk
Jewelry; He wears a black chain necklace
Tattoos; He has a tribal cross on his right hip
Piercings; He has both sides of his lip pierced, left eyebrow pierced and two stud earrings on left ear
He is bisexual, just a note. P:

He is an anthro, make him look feminine if you want. [;
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Here's one idea. It could be a hard one, but I love it when an image tells a story! :)

A wolf with a small scar under his jaw, right behind the bone. It's a souvenir from a fight in which his opponent punctured that spot and hooked a finger through. Other people shudder when he tells that story, but he remembers it fondly as the toughest fight of his life.
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Alaskan Salmon Roe
Oh wow, these are lovely. Could I possibly get one of Fiesta Jack? The ref is in my siggie.

I will do yours tomorrow, sleepiness just punched me in the face lol. Very cute character, though! So look tomorrow and I will have yours posted at some point


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Oh, hey, it's you!

Can I just have a general raven icon when you come back? I don't have any sort of ref or anything, though. ._.


Could I perhaps receive one?

Just a Green Scaled Raptor, with Neon Red eyes. Also a Top hat, and a suit(That is if his upper chest is shown).

Thank you bunches.
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