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101 Things that you SHOULDN'T do in a fursuit!


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joshstory; said:
If I get a suit, I would go there, hide among the stuffed animals, and see how many little kids try to pick me out. *Price check on the man-sized stuffed animals*

That is a fucking fantastic idea and if I ever get a fursuit I'm going to do just that.


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217. hold someone hostage
218. lead a riot of angry dogs
219. go to a dog breeder's convention
220. re-inact Jackass stunts
221. go around chinatown dancing playing party boy in the backround
222. go to school and act normal
223. act like you dont have a suit on when some1 asks you why u have it on

224. go into a park and groom dogs
225. bend over while grooming the dogs
226. attempt a takeover of the world
hmm i think i WILL do that but i will wait till late October cause then people won't think i am so crazy as i could claim i was just at a costume party
What you have to do (to be effective) is, get a friend who works at any store that sells toys (toy stores work best) to let you in before they open on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) and sit among a large display of stuffed animals. That way, you could do whatever you want to without the suspicion of anyone except for the employees, and you might get attention from local news. Just make sure it's okay with the Manager and stuff. Wouldn't want to get the police involved now would we....
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228.go to an jail where are VERY mad pepol


230: Get a job lighting fireworks on July 4th
231:go hiking through the everglades
232:apply to become a semi truck driver
233: Go Paintballing


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235: Get in one


Anyone want thier biscuit fisted?
242: dont do your taxes in a fur suit


Anyone want thier biscuit fisted?
244: play a VR game