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    Default Cyril the Red Panda

    Name: Cyril Daroun
    Age: 20
    Sex: M
    Species: Red Panda
    Height: 5’ 11”
    Weight: 153


    - Hair and fur: Dark Brown hair, medium length - bangs go down to but don't cover eyes. In back, hair goes down until halfway down the neck. Chest is black, tail is white/red-ringed. Aside from that, looks like a red panda. Shocking.
    - Markings: Standard facial markings. Nothing else. You expected creativity from me?
    - Eye color: Brown
    - Other features: None?

    Behavior and Personality:
    If he doesn’t know you, shy and probably doesn’t want to talk to you.
    If he does know you, a bit goofy but never overbearing.

    Competent at a variety of instruments (Violin, Viola, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums).
    Above average intelligence – very competent at anything involving problem solving.

    Doesn’t have the attention span for a lot of things.
    Terrible at anything athletic, though doesn’t dislike physical activity.

    Likes: Listening to music. Friendly chats. Listening to music. Playing any sort of game that makes him think.
    Dislikes: Sports. Idiots. Sport idiots. Waiting. Bad music. Talking for extended periods of time.

    Nobody cares, even himself.

    Clothing/Personal Style:
    Favors a self-designed shirt based on the following song lyrics:
    And I’ve bought that skinny tee
    With a big black gaping hole where the heart should be
    That says, “Baby, I renounce thee.”

    The base color of the shirt is white.
    Will always wear black shorts in the summer. ALWAYS. They go up to the knees, no further.
    In the winter, wears a black hoodie over this t-shirt, red on the inside. Relatively plain-looking. Wears dark grey sweats.
    Never wears socks, they’re overrated.

    Goal: To enjoy life and to succeed while doing so
    Profession: Professional musician; solo artist
    Theme song: Oceansize – It’s My Tail And I’ll Chase It If I Want To
    Birthdate: 8/5/1991
    Star sign: Leo

    Favorite food: Anything spicy. Hot wings in particular.
    Favorite drink: Water, which goes perfectly with his favorite food.
    Favorite location: Anywhere relaxing and refreshing
    Favorite weather: Rain with no thunder
    Favorite color: White

    Least liked food: Coconut. Finds it absolutely appalling.
    Least liked drink: Any alcoholic beverage
    Least liked location: A crowded room
    Least liked weather: Cloudy and cold
    Orientation: Heterosexual

    ...I'm not very creative, am I?
    Figured I should get around to doing this but I didn't feel like spending too long on it. Oh well!
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