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(Base/YCH) Selling: $14 - Unicorn Base Pack (100+ items)



Buy here!

This base pack also includes the finished shaded unicorn model you see in the banner!!

This base is separated into many layers and groups with HD lines, and pre-colored to facilitate the creation process! After you decide on a design you like, select the layers you wish and color them yourself!

✩ The Layers are Pre colored!! change the colors as you want.

✩ Works with Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint Pro, Krita, PaintTool SAI, Gimp. (PC)

➤ To get it to work on procreate open the PSD on your PC, choose the layers you want and delete the ones you won't use, save it and export to Procreate

➤ To get it to work on SAI download the version with less layers

✓ You CAN use this base to make and sell adoptables and outfits.

✓ You may edit this base to add extra features as you wish, you may add new eyes, hair and everything else you wish.

✘ You may NOT re-sell or redistribute this base pack file as is​
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