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15,000$ for living in a fur suit?

The Grey One

New Zealand Scot
Nah, I don't want to die from heat stroke, exhaustion or humiliation, so that's a no.


is stuck in America
Oh, for $15k, hell yeah!

My only condition would be that I be a fun animal, like an emo walrus, or a French giraffe. Something I wouldn't mind seeing whenever I look at the mirror.


Yes. Yes, I would.
Can I caramelldanse, too?

Here's a scenario:

(some douche)"LOL! LOOK AS THIS FAG!!!! YOU GOIN TO THE ZOO, FAG!!!!"

*His loser friends giggle and the like, because they're stupid*

(Me)"STFU. I'm Gettin' paid. $15,000."

(some douche)"..."
Hired guns kill for less then that, I imagine I would for a month, maybe with more showers, I feel dirty going most a day with out one.

Chuong Cho Soi

The Lone Rude Wolf Soldier
Hell no I'm not going to wear a fursuit 24/7 for $15,000! It's too hot!
If you can bathe regularly and the paws would be useable enough as to were you could pick up things correctly,sure?o_o Might be fun in the winter. And I would like the suit to not be ugly....
I'd have to think about it,what will people say once you don't wear it anymore?Can't escape forever >_>
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I'd do this in the winter...but not in the summer,it gets up to 120F here....not really fursuit wearing weather,and i'd wear it longer if people payed me about $10 every extra hour.


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As long as it's of good quality, is my fursona/character, and I'd know for sure I'd get this money, sure.


Money? who needs money? I would do It for fun! like he said, we can take it off to shower. and, I would do it when school is in too, cuz I would love the reaction I'd get!
Maybe I should do that for senior prank?


No question about it. It would probably be fun for a while, and after that the $15.000 would make up for the inconvenience :p
I suspect most people, furry or not, would at least consider it.
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15k? Damn that's hot in summer.... so I agree with the other ones that said yes, in winter I'd do it for sure. People do much more stupid things to get some money. Wearing a fursuit is funny and harmless compared to that.


im His kitty cat
as long as i can take it off for my cleaning, and IT's cleaning (like if i spilled something on it and id have to toss it in the washer) as well as bathroom functions.

also, since i have a over heating condition it'd have to be in the winter. summer id overheat and bake


Now with more Writer's Block!
uhm, i would do that for free. *thinks fursuits are awesome*
Hey. Stop stealing my posts!

But yeah, it really wouldn't be that big of a deal as long as you could keep yourself and the suit clean. I just spent the last 22 hours in my suit (first at a friends house, then out and about), and there really wasn't any problem. The suit's currently airing out after getting the spraydown, and I just got out of the shower. No problem.

Send me that $15K and you've got a deal.


WWRRYY!Just want to be better!
It would be very disgusting if you can't wash the fursuit and you have to do this in summer.
The suit could be very smelly. =A=

If it was in Winter , without going to school should be fine for me.


I don't see why not. It's a lot of money, I'd get hugs from kids, and seeing as how i'd only take it off in the bathroom, no one would ever know it was me.


Ich will Anarchy
Oh, for $15k, hell yeah!

My only condition would be that I be a fun animal, like an emo walrus, or a French giraffe. Something I wouldn't mind seeing whenever I look at the mirror.
The penguin from trigger happy t.v.!!!