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(Commission) Selling: ($15 - $150+) Fund My Being Alive; Digital Art (OPEN)


God's Worst Nightmare
[last update: 2nd March 2021]

md's silly soup frenzy
still a bit of a wip but feel free to order anyways

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howdy. i draw many things in various different ways, because i'm super cool
[1] Open
Paid []; Started []; Drafted []; Revisions []; Completed []
[2] Open
Paid []; Started []; Drafted []; Revisions []; Completed []
[3] Open
Paid []; Started []; Drafted []; Revisions []; Completed []
[4] Open
Paid []; Started []; Drafted []; Revisions []; Completed []
[5] Open
Paid []; Started []; Drafted []; Revisions []; Completed []
[6] Open
Paid []; Started []; Drafted []; Revisions []; Completed []
[7] Open
Paid []; Started []; Drafted []; Revisions []; Completed []
[8] Open
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♘ Terms & Policies​
Permissions; rights as artist and customer; comforts & abilities; credit
♞ Commission Form​
How to order; payment method; special notes
♘ Process Outline​
Methodology; turnaround time; progress updates; revisions; delays
♞ Pricing​
Examples; services offered; special services; additions and discounts
♘ Completed Pieces​
Just an extra little portfolio of previous customers. :]

Questions n' Answers || like an FAQ but for any question

Q. In terms of your own pieces, what's the difference between Lineless and Painted?
A. The difference between painted and lineless is more or less the amount of polish; my lineless shading, when not cel-shaded (when the edges of the shading aren't "hard"), tends to be pretty quick and basic. Often it's an afterthought for me, haha.
However, painted works are more or less defined by how I render the shading and lighting. I take the time to depict what detail and texture I can, even if it's messy. The process is also slightly different on this: I color under my sketch, merge all the layers together, then go ham with a round brush tool. It's pretty fun!
Q. can is nsfw arts pls? (Can we order anything NSFW?)
A. Unfortunately, nothing outside of gore/body horror. I've internally debated whether or not my comfort with creating NSFW artwork has changed, but the closest I can manage physically is only slightly suggestive artwork and Barbie-doll nudity. Certain fetishes also are a trigger of mine, so approaching that sort of work at all is impossible for me. (Nothing against it, of course! My brain just bad.)
With that said, I'm a huge fan of blood, gore, and body horror. However, I don't draw heavy gore too often, so I'm not the most confident offering it; if you're alright with that degree of inexperience, so will I, though! But any sort of body horror and injury I can do--unfortunately I'm a bit squeamish ( >:[ unfair), so commissions of that ilk may take longer. Thank you for your understanding.
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God's Worst Nightmare

Terms & Policies

I have the right to refuse any order for any reason. No ifs, ands, or buts. Maybe a little butts.
  1. Payments are made through PayPal, but if you would prefer alternative methods, I am open to discussing them (as long as I get USD).​
  2. Payment is beforehand. Full refunds will not be offered after the sketch is done.*
    *I am open to negotiations depending on circumstance.
  3. I am extremely flexible when it comes to changes: I'll let you know if you're asking for too much.​
  4. While you are free to ask for progress updates whenever you want, please keep in mind that one of my triggers is being overly rushed. If you ask for an update every single day (or every three days, really), you may cause me to have a panic attack and I will have to drop the commission. Typically once a week is long enough to fly under my brain's weird trigger sensors, though. (However, I may turn out updating you frequently on my own accord, so if I don't update you once a day, it's probably because I'm too busy to see a reminder anyways!) Apologies for any complications this may cause!!
  5. I can draw anything. I may add fees depending on complexity, but generally speaking I can handle it.​
  6. I do not draw NSFW content outside of blood, gore, and body horror. Fetish content is an absolute no. (Explained in the above QnA.)​
  7. After paying for your work, you are permitted to use your received commission (and any drafts / progress updates from it) in any non-commercial manner as you please. When posting the piece in other places, credit me by name and provide a link to any one of the socials listed in the top of this post.​
  8. Likewise, I am permitted to use your commission (or any drafts / progress updates from it) for purposes including portfolios and commission examples.​

Commission Form

When applying for a commission, please post this form here, in my messages, or in my e-mail at mangomdolphin@gmail.com.
If you wish to apply for multiple pieces, fill out the form for each individual commission.​

Commission Type: Chibi, Sketch, Lineless, Painting, or Sprite/Graphic. Also determine subtype (e.g. Headshot)

Character(s): The character(s) you want drawn. They can be anything—dragon, gijinka, human, furry, mecha, et cetera. Please link or describe relevant references below.

Description: What would you like me to draw your characters doing, if anything? Is there a scene you want, or an atmosphere you want me to convey? Are there any props you'd like me to include?

Reference(s): Anything relevant to helping your piece take form: character references, outfits, moodboards, et cetera. Do keep in mind that written descriptions will have an additional fee depending on complexity, exceeding a fee no larger than $30.
Contact: How would you like to receive/request updates? If you're not a fan of the forums or e-mail, I am actually found most active on Discord. I keep my Discord semi-private due to both anxiety and paranoia, but it would make me the happiest to be able to contact you through there! All you have to do is ask. :]

Payment: The totality of what your commission costs--but I'll correct you if things aren't adding up. I take funds in USD. Preferred method of payment is through Paypal, but I am open to discussing other methods. (note: invoices don't seem to work for me whenever i send them, so you will be sent a paypal.me.) By filling this portion out, you confirm that you're aware that 1.) Payment is upfront; 2.) Your commission will only get started once I am paid first; 3.) Full refunds cannot be offered once you are told the first draft is complete.
Deadline?: Is there a particular time or date you need this commission completed by? Please give a buffer of at least 5 days from when you first plan on paying.

Other Wants or Concerns?: Is there anything you want me to know or keep in mind while doing your commission? E.g. how much do you want to be updated, is there something you don't want your character doing, how soon do you need it complete, et cetera.

[b]Commission Type[/b]:





[b]Other Wants or Concerns?[/b]:


God's Worst Nightmare

Process Outline



Headshot / Bust​
Full Body​
Lines / Lineless

Other Services
Reference Sheets
Grab-bag Character Design
Comic Pages
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God's Worst Nightmare

Completed Pieces