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(Commission) Selling: 15$+ Anthro ♥ Feral ♥ Animalart | fullbody | character reference sheets avaible!


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Hi! I’m not a furry but I really enjoy drawing fantasy creatures and animals and I was wondering if anyone here would like to commission me ^^ I saw a lot of awsome and crazy ideas here and it’s so inspiring! ♥

For now I can draw for you:

Coloured sketch 15 USD
simplified style, sketchy lines


You'll get 2 pictures:
• high res jpg file with background
• png file without background

Fullbody character 50USD
clean lineart in more complex style, as many details as you want, wings included

I have some borzois for sale now!

You'll get 2 pictures:
• jpg high res (about 5000px x 5000px 300dpi) file
• png file without background

Character reference sheet base price 90USD - 200USD
♦ One fullbody illustration (complex with clean lineart), pose up to you
♦ 3 features of your choice: expression headshots (it can be in color of course), pawprints, fur/feathers/scales details, whatever you would like | each additional feature +20USD
♦ color palette
♦ name and other text info


The base price depends on complexity of your character and features you choose (drawing the eye, pawprints and horns will take less time so it'll be cheaper than 3 headshots with different expressions for example).

You'll get 2 files:
• high res (about 7000px x 5500px 300ppi) jpg reference sheet file
• png fullbody illustration from this sheet without background

1. I retain full rights to my artworks including promoting myself. Credit me if you upload my work to your social media/websites.
2. I don't feel comfortable drawing nsfw :c
3. Upfront payment via Paypal.
4. You can cancel commssion before I start working and get full refund.

1. For ordering commission send an email to: art.by.awu@gmail.com. In title please write your character’s/creature's name and your nickname to make the contact easier for me.
2. In mail you should write informations like type of commission you want to get, description, character's references, character’s/any additional elements references and general idea of the picture if you have any (like character’s expression, pose etc.). Short description of personality would be helpful but it’s not necessary. The more detailed the brief, the better.
3. I'll send you sketch before I start putting colours and wait for your acceptance or remarks.
4. If someone have questions/something is unclear please comment or send me a note.

If someone would like to see more of my art visit my social media:
Alexandra Wu (@awu.digital) • Instagram photos and videos
Aww-art - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
Awu_art (@art_awu) on Twitter
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Bump! ♥ I have more time now and added new options to my commission offer ♥ Check it out and have a nice day!