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(Commission) Selling: $15 Experimental Soft-Shade Head shots


You can call me Oni~

-All art © to me and characters to their rightful owners-


I’m currently open for 3 slots of these Experimental Soft-Shaded head shots. Being Experimental, the style of these pieces are liable to change, and though it might sound like a bad thing, any changes made would be changes for the better as I’m sure to improve with each piece delivered~ Even if the change that occurs doesn’t meet up to standards, I will not be delivering anything that I, myself, wouldn’t want to receive (hence why edits are free).
Turn around time is expected to be within a weeks time (If for some reason something comes up and I can’t deliver within a week, I **will** let you know), and a WIP sketch will be delivered before continuing so that I know I am getting you exactly what you want.

What I’ll need from you before I start:

-Paypal Email: (An invoice will be sent to you. Do ***not*** send me payment first as an invoice is meant to protect both me and you)
-Reference Sheet: (I need a visual reference of your character. I will not be taking descriptions at this time. Preferably a reference that is not shaded, but I can try to work with it if it’s easy to determine what color goes where. If all you have is already drawn art of said character, but no actual reference sheet, I may be able to work with that. I’m free to discuss this with you, but let me know before ordering as all the info should be given to me before I’ll send you an invoice to make sure I feel comfortable working with your character.)
-Description: (Describe to me what you want; Expression, pose, words said under the head shot, and anything specific you’d like, such as; color, font, etc. If you are too simple or too complex with your description, expect me to ask you a lot of questions until I’m 100% sure we’re on the same page.)
-Visual References: (Preferably real photo references. If you’re a wolf, I’d like that you find a wolf photo that kind of matches the pose you’d like ~~not exactly the expression, just pose~~, then a reference photo of a real life person making the expression, if you can. I will NEED these. If you can not provide this, at least describe to me exactly what you want, and I’ll work it out with you on finding visual references)
If you’d like a slot, Note me on FA, or reply here and I’d love to work with you on getting something that hopefully you’ll love~