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(Commission) Selling: ($75+) 15 Line Poetry Commissions


AAAA! Not the bees! Not the bees!!!
15 lines of poetry, any type or style. Includes 2 major revisions and unlimited minor edits (stuff like grammar and simple word changes). For noncommercial use only. For deadlines, I require 2 weeks notice for SFW pieces and a month for NSFW pieces. No hate speech.
For SFW pieces, I usually write them live on twitch so if you want your piece to be secret for whatever reason please let me know. Deadlines for non-streamed work are the same as NSFW pieces. I also like to post pieces with credit to commissioner to my portfolio site in order to advertise.
What you can expect is you send me what you'd like in the poem and any inspiration you'd like me to draw from, I ask follow-up questions if I have any, payment is sent upfront, I create a mostly finished mockup, the mockup is sent to you, you send your feedback and any changes you'd like, I edit, the last three steps are repeated as necessary, until finally a finalized version is sent to you.
Some of my favorite commissions to take are about taking an animal you love but is everyone else hates and transforming that love into poetry.
Prices start at $75 USD but I'm willing to negotiate. You can find my portfolio in my carrd in my signature and a partial portfolio on furaffinity.