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I'm doing a quick sale ! 15% OFF ALL OF MY COMMISSION OPTIONS. That's right, anything at all. Sketches, reference sheets, comic pages, you name it.

Here are my PRICES and my EXAMPLES, and just ask for whatever you want and take 15% off the total ! SALE ENDS JULY 3RD !

Please NOTE me or COMMENT here to set up a commission ! I will take any number, as my commissions are always open !

Also, mention your favorite character from the comic the BlackBlood Alliance and why they are your favorite to get an additional $5 OFF ! The old comic version, new comic version, or the preview scene ! (Not sure what the BlackBlood Alliance is ? Well, it is an absolutely amazing comic done by Kay Fedewa over on DeviantART. Check it out !)









Feel free to NOTE me or COMMENT BELOW anytime to get a commission ! I will do most ANY animal, reptile, anthro, hybrid, whatever you can think of ! I do not mind working with male/female, slim/stocky, heavy-built/scrawny, anthro/feral/quad, anything !

Always looking forward to working with you~