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Silvu Blep
Hi everyone! I'm opening my store again~Since Christmas is coming I decided to take few commissions, because I'm going to have some free time so why not >uó

Commission info:
  • I'll take portrait commissions of humanoid characters and furries.
  • I prefer payment with USD via paypal.
  • You can contact me through direct message here on forum, dA or FA. When you send me the note please contain some description of your character and references, if you have one.
  • The cost of one character per portrait is 15$. If this is a portrait shot containing two characters, expect -50% of standard price for second character.
  • I will start working on your commission after receiving payment.
  • There is going to be only 3 slots.
  • Art examples:
  • bonnie_by_silveryasminium-dbok65e.png
  • smile_by_silveryasminium-dbw6zh9.png
  • odyssey__by_silveryasminium-dbw6zkj.png
  • trinity_by_silveryasminium-dbw6zir.png
    • Links to my other accounts for more art examples: dA, FA
    • Open slots:
    Thank you for your time! >u</