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15 Types of Artist

Ryuu Girl

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A goofy written list of artists your interact with in the art community I created.

1.Self-hating artist
An artist that has no problem broadcasting their art and is most likely been told on multiple occasions that they are great yet seem to always talk about how bad they are. To them never see improvement when reality can come off annoying and negative to others that is inspired by them in the first place. It’s like they planned on the reverse psychology to happen.

2.The Prestige artist
This artist is advanced and knows they are good. Knowing the elements and principles of art this person is always going above and beyond. After years of practicing have granted them where they are now and are praised by less experienced and always contributing to the community. There is no doubt that they have a white-knight army at their disposal if any disagreeing parties come along.

3.The Fetish artist

Looking at the page of their portfolio pretty much screams what they are into and if you had to walk through a shopping store with an aisle dedicated to what they are into you just might catch something looking at it too long. These artists seem to have the largest audience somehow.

4.The B Artist

An artist that can draw very well however they are good not great. They are still above average yet standing in the shadows of the prestige artist and the fetish artist. Only known to have a small crowd of fans and basically weren’t popular to begin with. It's like that one guy who you went school but didn’t noticed until the end of the school year.

5.The Ass-pat artist
Of course their skills are developing and to know you are going the right direction is to ask for critiques and advice however in reality all they want to be is praised for what they did right. Most likely if you tell them what is wrong and what needs to be improved in return will accuse you of “bullying” or “rudeness” because they have yet to grasp the concept of reality and live in denial on top of that soft feelings.

6.The Insensitive artist
This artist is known to have some skill and pretty good at what they do however their fall back is being rude in the artist community. Known to nit-pick at other artists abilities even giving unwanted criticism even as far as biased opinions with a side of sarcasm. They wouldn’t know self-awareness unless it dick slapped them in the face.

7.The Freebie artist
A developing artist always offering free pieces to people mostly their friends but never actually get to it for weeks, months and even years. You have a higher chance winning the lottery before getting your free art despite it being promised to you.

8..The Anime artist
99% percent chance they are a “weeaboo” and have no problem admitting it. Obviously inspired by Japanese cartoons, their portfolio will be anime fan art or OC’s of their own. You are least likely to expect any change of style from them at all and they just might fall into a coma if forced.

9.The Animal artist

These artists can draw can animals fine but cannot draw humans and most likely would go hysterical if asked to draw humans. Creating faces only Picasso could love.

10.The Canine Artist
This category falls hand in hand with the animal artist This artist is usually known to draw wolves, foxes, and/or dog like things in general because they can and choose to. Though it may be an unoriginal concept they are skilled enough to draw that subject from memory even perhaps with their eyes closed however if it requested to draw any other animal it is without out a doubt still going to look like a dog.

11.The Exclusive Subject artist

These are artist that exclusively draw only one subject whether it be cats or dogs, males or females, even straight or gay. Don’t expect anything different unless they try something new willingly.

12.The OC artist
These artists usually have more than one original character that they claim. In their eyes, their “original characters” are their “babies”. Somehow creating these characters with a deep, edgy, and over complicated backstory to the point you might ask them if they have considered joining the Dragon Ball Z writer team.

13.The 99 Problems artist
These artist that always seem to take on commissions somehow letting their personal life mix with their business to point they haven’t started because their grandmas cousins dog had anxiety and was too scared to get the mail which caused them to not start on that commission you bought 2 weeks ago. Usually having something depressing to share every other week.

14.The Coloring Book Artist

These artists don’t even draw. They only color bases created by other artists. You either hate them or love them.

15.The Not so Artist-Artist

The artist that can dance, sing, and write but who cares about them?


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I think I fall on 15 (cuz Music's art, right?)


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You forgot #16. The Oblivious Artist : The artist who thinks they're god's gift to the interwebs and are completely oblivious to the fact that their art sucks and will never be good.

Can we add to your list? Feels like that could be fun!


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I like this list #AstusApproved


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Never admit to being a self-hating artist! Seeing everything wrong with it means you may be on a threshold of self-improvement :p Just think of it as your art could be even more awesome soon!


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Feel like a blend of the B artust and the coloring book artist. I've been studying at least one particular artists methods through their psd's and practicing on their sketches. Really trying to get ahold of a good style with the Wacom in drawing and not just coloring.


I'm proud to be a type 15 go not so artist- artists that don't care about us! Go 15s


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I guess I fall into multiple categories? I hate my art sometimes but I try not to let it get to me. I do a lot of different things, have a lot of OCs, I might be the B artist, and I'm guilty at times of promising to draw a gift and never doing it. I've tried really hard to get out of that habit of saying it.


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What about the artist that knows people will watch/buy what ever they put out and raise the price to crazy high amounts for decent art?

Sounds like a sane businessperson / effectively following supply and demand.

Now the artist who knows people will watch/buy whatever they put out and still winds up overworked and underpaid ... :p


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#6 always accuses everybody of being a #5 if you don't worship their "experience". -_-;

The closest one I match is #4. Aiming for the knowledge of #2.


I guess I'm a 16) The Wanna Be Artist - One who understands what he's supposed to do to make something look good, but just isn't good at it and tends to fall short all of the time.


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Decidedly #15. I've put plenty of practice into writing and some into sculpting. Drawing? Not so much.


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I am the world's forgotten boy
I guess I'm a 16) The Wanna Be Artist - One who understands what he's supposed to do to make something look good, but just isn't good at it and tends to fall short all of the time.
Woohoo same, bar was set so high and everyone knew I could do it, but then upon trying to reach those expectations, I eat shit and die. Fuck.


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I don't really fall into any of these, so I guess that means I'm good.


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I'd have to say I am mostly number 4 when it comes to (visual) art I want to do and definitely number 3 when it comes to doing requests ;)