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150 watcher/3000 pageview Give-Aways


EDIT: Deadline Reached for "Watch This Dude" lotto. thank you to all the participants! Winner will be contacted in a sec.

Seeing as I'm pretty close to both limits, I figure I will set up some little give-aways to shamelessly ploy for attention get my name out there a little bit. Rules are simple for both, so let's be pretty forward with it then

3000 Pageviews

Just snap a screenshot of this number WITH THE DATE AND TIME and I will award the first a lineart and color (and potentially 0~3 more, depending on my workload, decided by the earlier times). I'll ask you provide your time zone as well-- don't want Europeans getting cheated out of something. Just comment here or on my thread with a working link and I will take a peek.

150 Watchers

This is the big one. As a celebrations for WHEN I hit 150, I would like to get some people to journal whore my name out. It's not that demanding and I only ask that you recommend people visit my page at the top of the journal and provide a link to my page. Then you may make your actual journal entry below or leave it as the "qualifier" journal.

Post a link to your journal with my name in it either here or in my journal and I will add you to a lottery. I will close the entry portion once I get to 150, so get active if you want in. I will use a program to randomly select a name from the lottery.

WINNER can expect:
  • 1 traditional sketch with lineart and coloring, either like my avatar or normal
  • 3 traditional headshot sketches
  • 1 playing card themed lineart (you name the suit and rank, including Jacks-Aces, and all 4 suits)
  • 1 of the headshot sketches made into an "poster style" avatar like mine.
I may offer prizes for a second and third place but should wait and see.

So far these people are in the lotto:

If you need a link to my page, go here:
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jwmcd2/ '

Thanks guys, and best of luck to you all!

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Alright, I've balanced this thread and my journal to show who all is in it so far. I'm getting a few watchers, so hey-- try to get in before it's too late!

(147 at this very minute to be exact)

Andy Nonimose

Button Masher
Alright, I've balanced this thread and my journal to show who all is in it so far. I'm getting a few watchers, so hey-- try to get in before it's too late!

(147 at this very minute to be exact)

Correction, 149!


OK GUYS I didn't expect to get 9 watchers overnight, so I will be extending the ENTRY TO THIS CONTEST UNTIL tomorrow, 8/19/2011 at 1500 USEST.

If you make it in before my 3:00PM deadline, I'll pop you on the list.

IF YOU HAVE NOT POSTED A JOURNAL, THEN GO FOR IT. You've got absolutely nothing to lose unless you miss the chance for free art. IDC if you're an artist or an artwhore, I just enjoy recognition, lol.


White Devil
Could I offer up a trade? I have always wanted something by you but would like to return the favor- it might get you some more page views if other artist have your character somewhere else other than your page


OKAY I AM CLOSING ENTRIES to the lotto, but my snapshot contest is still on and I will be getting into contact with the winner in a short bit, as soon as I find a decent random picker.

http://i398.photobucket.com/albums/pp70/jwmcd2/winner.jpg 13 on my journal, who happens to be Leybun. Congrats to her-- I will be working on your prizes ASAP.
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