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How much have you spent on furry art (excluding a fursuit)?

  • <$99 (responsible consumer)

    Votes: 11 50.0%
  • $100 - $499 (got carried away)

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • $500 - $999 (furry enthusiast)

    Votes: 3 13.6%
  • $1,000 - $2,499 (artwork aficionado)

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • $2,500 - $4,999 (luxurious fursona)

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • $5,000 - $9,999 (big time spender)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • $10,000 - $19,0000 (woah...)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • $20,000++ (O.O)

    Votes: 2 9.1%

  • Total voters


Autumn wolf
I calculated it all, and the sum's at $726 from what I can gather.

No, wait. I forgot the last non-Paypal one.. So $796. I will be spending another $30, so $826(?) in total.

..Shit. That's actually quite a lot. Almost the same amount of money I've sent on my Steam library, which sits at almost $1,000 spent. Actual value at around $4,500 though, due to pretty much only buying shit on sale(though with exceptions).

Also, typo there, Lupi. :D

"$10,000 - $19,0000 (woah...)" ? xD


Autumn wolf
Ha, that's pretty much what I said. I've spent far more on furry art than both my Steam and Oculus libraries, and I'm pretty sure I had both for longer than I even had this character. O.O
Hehe. I will be spending more money as time passes, because I love commissioning people.

Spending $190,000 on furry art would be a major woah, hahaha
Wouldn't be surprised someone have. Or somewhere close, at least.


Smart batto!
When it comes to spending money on art, I usually buy commissions from people that actually mean something to me - artists I follow for a long time, people who influenced my style a lot, someone who makes my favorite comic or works on a studio that makes games I particularly like, etc. For me, it means a lot in different ways - it's a pleasant memorabilia, a way to support beloved artist, an excuse to talk a bit about big and small things (usually they don't mind much c: ). Therefore, I can spend $20-100 for a piece at a time, but I buy very rarely, last time I did that almost a year ago.

Just compulsively buying stuff from random pretty artists is something I'll never understand, though. It's like, I don't know, something of an ego stroke? The only thing I'll get from it is pretty art with my char, without any true emotional attachment, and I'm not that desperate to spend my money to look at another prettily drawn pic of my char. I actually prefer requests more in that regard - unlike paid commissions, it's usually by highly creative and open-minded newcomers, always with genuine effort behind it (since the main goal is often "to improve" instead of "to earn money"), and it's just fun to make something in return for those artists when I have time.
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Goodspeed, bootlegger, B-17 pilot extraordinaire
If you include the fur-suited pictured in my profile plus other art 3,500 and up!


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
Jesus crust those numbers are a bit exaggerated don't you think? I think the average commissioner spends between $20-$100, with the top art and YCH s and auctions going from $100-$200...Occassionally the $300-$500 range if we're talking some real top notch stuff, but thousands?

I think you need to remake your poll to go more in the tens-hundreds range

Edit: Erp...cancel...I misread that...

In a year I probably spend like $50, that year I bought a ref Sheet about $100

...I'm too poor for furry art.

Deleted member 82554

$60, that was more to stop a friend (probably ex now) and her baby ending up on the street.


You can't just quote yourself! -Me
$275 since joining the fandom. $260 of that within the last six months. Granted, it was mostly for a new ref sheet.


Active Member
I've made several commissions over the past year, though only one is furry art per se. Totally worth the 65 I spent on it


Imma bat in yer rafters
Zero. Well, unless you count buying paper and pencils. So maybe 20 bucks directly devoted to drawing that sort of thing.


What DOES my username mean...?
if i've sold more than i've bought, does that count as a negative? if so, then somewhere in the -$300 area.