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It's really good.

Super detailed and simple.

I'm not an artist tho so I really don't know what to say.


catboy connoisseur
Your colors look a little bit muddled in that first one because it kinda looks like you're shading with black and then blurring it. That makes your art look very muddy and unclear and flat. My recommendation would be to use a dark blue or purple, whatever feeling you're going for, and do blending rather than blurring.

Other than that it's just nitpicky stuff like slightly awkward hands and stiff posing. Overall, your work looks pretty polished and nice.


The facial features in the reference picture look too small for the chunky art style. The city one I agree with RhelArts. And the graveyard one looks great especially the shading.


What you have to show I think is really good! Taking your style in consideration your proportions seem to be pretty spot on, nothing is an eye sore. :eek: Very nice expression on the graveyard one as well.

If you did all these pictures within your comfort zone then maybe try a different pose or something you've never done before. It's really important to step out of your comfort zone in order to see where you need improvement as well. :)