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im looking for someone to do a sci fi themed rp with. i have an idea thats inspired from a bunch of different science fiction games and movies blended into one without being a direct copy of an established fictional universe, i aim for it to be original.

depending on what you are comfortable with this could include nsfw elements or stay completely sfw. i prefer to have it sfw as a base so we can get a proper story going and add secondary nsfw and or romance elements on top of that

english is my second language so i wouldnt call my writing or my english perfect but i try to improve myself as best i can and while i dont usually write walls of text type posts i try to match what the person i rp with gives me so as long as we both try to do our best to keep the story rolling along! :)

if you are interested to discuss this with me then you can either send me a message here on the forums in my dms, or contact me on my discord

TheRadRatDad ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ#5463

looking forward to hearing from
discord couldn't find you, but this suits me very well :D