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2-character paintings for $50 (2 left)


Terracotta Pie

I have 2-character paintings available for $50 USD right now; a significant discount.

2 slots left; here's the link: (NSFW)
(NSFW WARNING, M/F) www.furaffinity.net: 2-character deal by SephrenDemon (NSFW LINK)

Other recent examples:
(NSFW, macro/micro snake M/M ) www.furaffinity.net: Snake Fill by SephrenDemon (NSFW LINK)

What I will not draw this time around:
NSFW Diaper

Everything else is welcome! (Vore, gore, watersports, SFW, NSFW, Transformation, etc etc.)
The current turnaround time is 2 days for a preview sketch once paid, 2 more days for a detailed sketch, and up t0 10 days for the finished image. (Usually less.) Payment is due up front. Tipping isn't necessary but it's always much appreciated, and I certainly don't forget the gesture!

Looking forward to hearing from you -- just shoot me a PM if you'd like a slot.

All the best;