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2 commission ideas for my fursona


Ziggy Fawkes Steelwolf
I want to do a commission were my fursona (reference pic but he is suppose to have this hairdow also he was supposed to be wearing black converse with orange shoe soles), who is an ex secret agent with this gun like going down a hallway being sleathy.

And then the other picture is of him in a full suit of armor (like this set only with an orange strip from the upper right side to the lower left side), outside with a two handed sword and a katana in a sheath on his belt (because katana are cool) and he is training.

I know thats a lot of links, but yeah. It just came to me, and I would like to see how much it would cost me. I would like some sample art and price quotes, if I could get some. Thanks
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Slasher Movies & Devil's Music
I guess this should be moved to the Black Market... the Art Shack is for free drawings and trades.


Ziggy Fawkes Steelwolf